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Nyck Caution

"Nyck Caution Freestyles on Flex | Freestyle #001"

It's muthaf**kin' Nyck Caution man
Yo I can cuss on this right?
(Absolutely bruh)
Yeah yeah yeah
Beast Coast in the f**kin' building right now
The sky's the limit out right now
Yeah, check it, yeah, yo

[Verse 1]
Yo I done gone through couple things so I feel a lil' different
Finally got some change so my mill a lil' different
Someone hit the light switch, tell you what it's like
b*t*h it's time for the night shift, bring me back to life
Homicide with a knife sh*t, tryna get my slice
But my mind in this vice grip, I dunno what's right
Close my eyes then ignite spliff, yeah
Yo just enjoy the flight, I put that on my life
We gon' ignore the height, yo I been up for hours
Yo I been hungry so at any f**kin' moment I'll devour
'Cause we not gon' live forever, Flex, yo
We leavin' the realest cat in the world to get merc'd by a coward
People work and retire I just work and empower
That's just the way that I was brung up
I wouldn't change a thing about the come-up
Got no love for suckers, just a cautious motherf**ker
Only God could judge us

Yeah, just a cautious motherf**ker
Only God could judge us, only God could judge us
I wouldn't change a thing about the come-up, Flex
I swear to God, aye, check, yeah

[Verse 2]
You know I'm buggin' out and I don't plan on settlin' down
Oh you fronted on me? Look at who's incredible now
We don't really wanna listen to your terrible sound
If you talkin' like you got it you get left in the ground
Put you in a coffin, why you talkin'
This is Caution, you ain't f**kin' with me
Misfortune, suck my d**k then get off it
I lick titties, dead lit then I lift off
Nyck so high, f**k around and burn my wings off
Put your hands up in the sky like the cover of my project
Beast Coast, brothers from the bottom, yeah
It's me next gettin' thrown like a swing set
The game froze too cold, get your Steep Tech
The game grown, gettin' old, never fiendless
I flame flows blow fire and I bring death
The most high outta Pro, I'm nosedivin' in a pool full of power
Know the coast got it
Yeah, in the zone I'm ghost ridin'
You can catch me in the clouds, no pilot
Yo Flex, drop the bomb I'm so violent
'Cause I'm comin' for they throat, rip the neck and won't stop it
Hear them choke, got the cobra clutch locked in
Shank son, rip him out his soul and go shopping
Y'all don't want it with the Pro, your flow novice
Rap game Jon Snow, resurrected through the fire
Resurrect the real, flex on any record that I'm droppin'
Yo, tell me what the ratio is
I'm sellin' out shows not even on radio big
It's top time you read my lines and get the shine on the gig, yeah

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