BLAST* lyrics


[Verse 1: Kevin Abstract]
It's impossible to change my attitude
Whenever I get into a new mood
I don’t wanna meet no more new dudes
I don't wanna make no money with you
I don't wanna pretend to be friends with you
n***as swearing that they cool
n***as do not make me drool
n***as swearing that they bosses
b*t*h, I’ve been a boss since way before I had an office
I'm addicted to flossing
Why the wrist so glossy?
Look at the jeans, get off me
Look at my team, the starters
The jerseys, I'm Herculеs
Yelling "f**k the police!"
n***as down south wasn't f**king with mе
'Cause I left CC, 'cause my momma made me
We been done hated the law, n***a, this ain't new
n***as won't quit, that’s why I still bang Screw
That’s why I hang onto the truth, the rule, the booth
The way I let loose rhymes slip through my gap tooth
But n***a, I got the juice
This me in my raw form
Diss me, you must be on one
Yeah, my n***a, it's my dog’s turn
Yelling "BH!" while the blunt burn

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