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Richard Rodgers

"You Took Advantage of Me"

In the spring, when the feeling was chronic
And my caution was leaving me flat
I should have made use of a tonic
Before you gave me that

A mental deficient you grade me
I've given you plenty of data
You came, you saw, you slayed me
And that-a is that-a

I'm a sentimental sap, that's all
What's the use of tryin' not to fall?
I have no will
You made your kill
'Cause you took advantage of me

I'm just like an apple on the bough
And you're gonna shake me down somehow
So what's the use?
You cooked my goose
'Cause you took advantage of me

I'm so hot and bothered that I don't know
My elbow from my ear
Suffer somethin' awful each time you go
But it's much worse when you're near

Here am I with all my bridges burned
Just a babe in arms where you're concerned
So lock the doors
And call me yours
'Cause you took advantage of me

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