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G Herbo


I made all the sacrifice
I wasn't lyin' in "Some Nights"
Really had to risk my life
I went down the wrong road
Sorry Ma, but this my life
I went bought my own pole
You already know what I'm on, blow
I had to walk to school with it
I couldn't tote no longnose
Right in front the police, grippin'
Probably thought it was my phone though
Never panicked, I didn't get it
n*gga I seen a hundred killings
We ain't never go by schools and children (Southside on the track, yeah)
Cap' died, I'm like f*ck it, get him
Way before rap I was real, no limit
f*ckin' hoes who I can't trust a n*gga
Trust big cuz, gotta watch my bruh though
Know he came up off everything cutthroat
Matter fact I ain't gon' say nothin' else
Heard it turned out bad luck for bruh, though
Know I got everything under my belt
Tote a lil' .40 Glock, that's for my health
Remember it was just me and Max on the block
Packs came in, put thrax on the block
Overcharge n*ggas, get a tax on the block
First n*gga with a hundred racks on the block
Could pop out without my f*ckin' Glock on rock
Don't lie, they went up top
I remember them nights up top
You gon' die, they one up top
It was like 4AM on the morning of August 10th
We was on the block shootin' dice, yeah, that was when Kobe went
I ain't never know you walked off 'fore those shots was lit
Kyro called your name out, he was on top of it
You already know how we rockin', b*tch, still on top of sh*t
Ziploc and sh*t, fifth shot, he hit
If this rock, we Diddy
I ain't tryna talk, we with it (f*ck 'em)
Hundred round chops, keep a fifty
We don't got an opp, he finished (Motherf*cker)
Wake up in Sicily, on it and sit on, open my mouth like a dentist
They just ridin' and ridin' around all night 'cause I told 'em to hop on that business
So used to get high outside all night, just tryna mind our business
We get caught doin' this sh*t, gon' get a life sentence
b*tch, my heart cold, and my ice glisten
My b*tch tell me I'm too high and I'm just like, "Listen"
Gotta stay high 'cause I think too much, I get to trippin'
Gotta stay high 'cause I blink too much, I get to blickin'
'Bout a hundred million, when I get a visit
I can't let no n*gga trick me through no Twitter mention
Gotta leave the hood right now or you gon' be a statistic
Gotta leave the streets right now, like that's a big decision
I make rich decisions
Graduated in the streets I'm trappin', call that payin' tuiton
And on Capo, whatever I'm worth, my n*ggas seein' it with me
I need a hundred-fifty
I made sacrifices for n*ggas who really wasn't even with me
That's why I ain't friendly, is you really with me?
'Cause I feel the envy, and this b*tch a semi
And I keep it with me, like this b*tch was Jimmy
Told 'em, "Bail out, n*gga," I'm sittin' here, this b*tch a hemi
For Big Wet and Slim, left and right hand pour out Remy, Henny
And this Draco a mini, I know you heard about Kenny
I know you heard about Benny, n*gga, I ain't heard about any
Benz, bread, get n*ggas dead, sh*t I done did for plenty
I just hate that all my real n*ggas dead, now I got my bread up
I'm in the 'Raq so every day I still gotta keep my head up
In my boxers, finger cloth my tips and load the lead up
Say you gangbang, pus*y n*gga, what you scared for?
Slept in traphouses 'fore I got rich, filled up with bedbugs
Slept in halls on 78th, that's just because my mans was
For my dawgs, I done did it all, back against the wall
What you needed? It was just a call, I wasn't rich at all
Same n*ggas since day one, they still with me, ain't switch at all
Suck a di*k, I told them people question me, can't snitch at all
And these street n*ggas make the rules, now they switched the law
Can't respect 'em without no capacity, a b*tch involved
And I'm still with my dawgs, and we duckin', ditchin' laws
We already beat this sh*t, n*gga, we just tryna stay rich, that's all
We already beat this sh*t, n*gga, we just tryna stay rich, that's all
That's all, uh

Street n*ggas with me, you know
Gang sh*t only, man
You know we bringing the stu' out
Right next to the buttons and all that other sh*t
It's ganged out
Southside on the track, yeah

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