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G Herbo

"Summer Is Cancelled"

[Verse 1]
Come on, just think about it before you kill about it
See what's really 'bout it
Chill out and analyze, tell me how you feel about it
But one thing about it, I'm really 'bout it
Did sh*t, ain't trip about it, think about it, but we wasn't just doing it to anybody
n*gga, you don't get no points for no innocent bodies (Goofy)
pus*y, you ain't even hear who you shot at (pus*y)
In the jam, he grabbin' a b*tch to shield his body
All these new street n*ggas, they really rotten
Same n*ggas riding around, getting high outside, killed his bro with a smile, n*ggas really plottin'
Lot of n*ggas 2019 getting killed with they partners
And n*ggas stories mixed with they body language, don't be adding up how they really rockin'
In that lil' pouch, is something, arm reach where my Glock at
Streets got me paranoid, what you staring for, pacing back and forth, I'ma need you to stop that
I could turn nothing to something, how you top that?
If I want something, it's nothing, I could cop that
Humble, but you know my sh*t, I'll pop that
Stand up straight in the Maybach, where the top at?
I'm inspiration for n*ggas who trappin'
Voice for the n*ggas who always get shot at
I'm living proof you can get off the block
It's for every hood, I don't care if you not black

[Verse 2]
I been from the snake pits, to a lion's den
I was in a Benz, riding with my friends
Riding with FN's, cried with my mans
Lives in each others hands, this is not pretend
I ain't playing with emotions, I won't show my hand
Give the hustle my devotion, so I know I can
I ain't dealing with promotion, just so they know what I'm sayin'
Need the back end 8 to 4 hours before the show when I land
I hit a bug before school, bought 3 bags of chips and soda in the can
Now I'm getting 30 a show and the strip club just want me to show for a 10
All these millions touch my hands, that's from taking chances
Oh, they telling me I'm the man? I ain't even settle in yet
Gotta get a youngin' together, they starve on the regular
I came from sparkin' competitors, my life was never no regular-degular
Way before records, etcetera, I was with felons and narcotic peddlers
Tell them just weather the weather, the longer the storm then the better the grass gonna grow
We was in the middle of wars, had guns on our waist, we was selling our bags in the snow
But can't live the street life forever, it's bread or Berettas, I keep on telling them
For my n*ggas in jail and who b*tches stopped reading them letters but kept on mailing them
Do this sh*t for the bottom, as long as I stay on top, I'ma keep y'all relevant

For all my lil one's, all my friends and family, everybody I love, everybody I call blood, my people
Man, I catch y'all stupid ass out here tryna kick it on these blocks, I'm hot poppin' out and hittin' you in your sh*t
If I love you, I'm hittin' you in your sh*t cause that sh*t over with
All them holes in the walls, all that weak ass sh*t where n*ggas putting them calls through, texting, all that goofy sh*t, man
n*ggas gotta play it by the rules, man
People that's losing they life for shiesty sh*t cause n*ggas is scared, n*ggas ain't getting up tryna hit they man
n*ggas shootin' some craps and all kind of goofy sh*t and I can't be a hypocrite
I can't, you know, talk about nothing nobody doing, but all this sh*t is cancelled
Summer is cancelled

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