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G Herbo

"The Man, The Myth, The Legend (Interlude)"

[Interlude: Adam22 & Young Thug]
What do you see in Juice WRLD?
Like, talk about the talent that you see from him
You just brought him out on stage in front of all these people
I see you said he is like the best freestyler alive
He like
He like that 2009 or 2000, he probably like the 2006, maybe 2006 to 2009 Lil Wayne
He that, he that n***a

[Interlude: J. Cole, Travis Scott & Juice WRLD]
And then they seen him do the, uh
He'll do another version of the song freestyle
He did like three, three, four songs
Over one beat
All freestyle, like which one we like?
Yeah, man, just let me know, I'ma text you
Aight, bet
For sure, guys
I f**k with you, bro
Pleasure's mine, bro
Nice to meet y'all, bro
Aight, bro, aight, bro
Be blessed, bro
Yeah, you too, bro
Congratulations on your...
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