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G Herbo


Chorus: I pulled up to Chiraq with my own guns
I told her, you ain't got let me hold none
I just popped me a perc, this the second one
How I whip a brick like a baby, good negligence
I just put a two on topside, black excellence
I cook dope all day, I'm the Goat wit' it

n***as in the way, I see money Imma go get it
40 on me nine, if I freeze I ain't know limit
Shorty [?] ain't got no feelings
Only speak to G's, don't get pleased bout a hoe feelings
Family shouldn't mix with the streets, ain't no reason
Do bad business, f**kin with that bag, have my mans kill 'em

Sada Baby:
Flip 'em, I get a n***a b*t*h robbed
See an opp, gon get him dropped I ain't b*t*h Squad
150/55 can't let sh*t slide
I'm from the eastside, you ain't see no n***a Live
Get that boi sh*t back, catch a n***a blow his sh*t out
Don't make me get out
Do have the skill to pull them clips out

Libro made em shut the club down, n***a flipped out
Seen this sh*t, open close range, face ripped out
Caught so many stupid n***as walking outta b*t*h house
It ain't sh*t to fund a couple wars, I'm so rich now
We get on that boy ass, better get 'round
Probably that track hog cheap when we found [???]
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