G Herbo

"Swing My Door"

It ain’t my fault you broke
But its prolly my fault ya b*t*h telling you no
Do she think she my b*t*h prolly I don’t even know
Lil b*t*h for everybody she done turned to a hoe b*t*h
Like Gucci b*t*h swing my doe
If they got them for the high ima sell the for the low
They was barely gettin by tricking off on them hoes
I was bossed up in the cut checking roll

Serving that pack give and go
1st 48 wipe his nose
Busted a few heads up the road
I got some quality lows
Exotic pack go for the 4
I gotta keep me a pole
Use to heat up thе crib with the stove
Me & Wop usе to sleep on the floor
Early morning up trafficking zones
Selling kds off the phone
My mama knew what I was on
I had to get us some dough
Cuz all my damn life I was broke
They sent shots but yeah we up the score
Reup ever week at the store
Work my wrist turnt a two to a four
Pull up real fast like Batman man n***a
Yung got on two watches they like that man ignorant
Pull up in a demon but my shoes they some Christians
Amiri my jeans this ain’t h&m denim
Pulling up deep like we came in a sprinter
See u in traffic send shots at yo window
And I’m owning these cars I’m too old for a rental
I triple the boxes that’s just how I send them
Bout 8 to 10 cases be gone in a jiffy
I widing the body
Gwag with the lift kit
Limo the tint so my d**k she gone kiss it
Couple shots of tequila got her finna risk it
But she can’t resist cuz my neck n my wrist lit
Youngest lil n***a that’s popping that big sh*t
n***as to old to be hating how i kick it
n***as still be going out bad bout these b*t*h
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