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Cate Le Bon

"Long Bow"

Sunday swan bog Sad day's father
You can't be seen hot it makes sex defile
If your true life's waiting and you can't sell the farm back
Then you can't be homeless, well not too really long
If you can't sleep then what will you dream
Oh I miss me
And it's hi-ho wind and everybody's near
In an ostrich elevator and a book with dog ears
In alone and fine

Who read Steinberg dune bowl Jerome rat
In the up alleyways and he never wears cologne
And you see me down going sweater than a smile
Now you greet the streets because your bed is on fire
And you can't sway back, you can't
Can't sway back, you can't
Can't sway back, oh no you can't
Can't sway back, you can't
Pull me over tooth dust of the broom
Just that 'fore you grow
And you wanna climb into everybody's ear
Suddenly climb into everybody's ear
But it's not time just yet, yet
It's not time just yet

I know the saddest tree loves the human eye
Does it sing you're alone again
I want mornings with your come on please
Let's go highlight

Three, four
I would love to be audio
But the island you made would take an arrow in the sky
And I've whittled the sticks and my love cannot miss
For the long bow, pull tight
Pull the long bow, pull tight
It's a long bow, pull tight

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