Just A Sellout lyrics

The Hunna

Ay, ay, ay, ay, uh, ay, sh*t (You know who it is)
You can buy this for free (Lil' Diabetes on the track!)

I'm just a sellout, I am a sellout
Mother f**kers say we hit that sellout
And that mother f**ker [?]
We hit that sh*t now no go that
We go backwards and talk faster
We rap backwards now, uh, ah
And we're just a sellout

[Verse 1]
Mother f**kers say this beat is hard
And I don't know what to do with my sh*t
And I'm making all of that money
I'm making that cash by selling sh*t now
It's a sellout time today, I'm a sellout I'm okay
I just that money, money, ay, give me that sh*t, uh

Mother f**kers sayin' we hit the sellout
Mother f**kers ye we sayin' we hit that hit that
Mother f**kers say Lil' Diabеtes on the track is the track
And I hit that hit that
Evеn tho it's a 2 minute song but I really don't give a sh*t now
It's Lil' Diabetes on the track spittin' fire
And [?]

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