Thelonious Martin Lyrics

A Side/B Side 2 (2018)

Ford 4 Door (2018)

"tm" (2017)

10,000 Hours (2017)

Dump Gawd: Divino Edition (2017)

Molotov (2017)


Alumni (2016)

Dirty Game EP (2016)

Late Night Programming (2016)

Is This Art? (2014)

WindChill: A Chicago Instrumental Experience (2014)

#DirtyJordans (2013)

#TurnUpSnacks (2013) Presents The Playlist Vol. 3 (2013)

Wishful Thinking (2013)

3 Piece Set (A Closed Session) (2012)

Save Our Souls (2012)

Theo vs J.J. (Dreams vs. Reality) (2012)

The World According to Yoku Masaki (2011)


3 Piece Set: A Closed Session


Dream Livin' EP

For Summer 18' (Part A)

Gone Til Further Notice: The Story

I Am Not Famous

JJ Doomsday

Loft Music

Pools Closing

T.H.C. Mixtape

Technicolor Everything (2012)

The Journey..

The Temptations

Year Of the Villain

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