[Verse 1]
Look, yeah
Time is of the essence I'm progressively improving
Progress and I'm chillin' [?]
You second guess my movements
First to the bullsh*t
Who tryna hang with me, I brought the nooses
I draw the stain it's like you draw conclusions
It's a ball of confusion
The writings on the wall was all illusion
I got the drip but your sh*t our pollution
You brought the- and had another for the AutoBull
All the bullsh*t aside boy I got plenty time
I've been ready for whatever anytime
From a city where n***as don't kill in time
In your pockets for nickels, penny, dimes
Save your shot but sh*t it got minimizе
We was living by ma would go inside behind thе window high
Fee-fi-fo n***as slide, tryna dodge bullets from a dodge
God left when the winter came then the summer died
Rain rain come another time
I be rappin' til' I'm on my 5
Tell your favorite rapper it's pajama time
He a ugly [?] but a son of mine
It's over for you but it's underlined
I go before you with a humble mind
And a stomach round, plus I smell file
Taking big sh*ts from the humble [?]
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