"Through the Sky*"

Confidence is the fool to a wise man and liquor to a fool
True, I had the jewel since a little bitty yute
The liquor root that grew manuver the manure
The poop, the press, the prob, the prayers, the proof
I shook a loose on everything I thought I knew
Had to unlearn, rewire cause the fires regrew
I've been aloof, I've been alone and now it's time to regroup
Look at the time and rhyming is simplе as tying a shoe
They say the dеvil is in the dirt, I found diamonds
My momma say the devil's in the church but you'd been preaching with the zeal of the converted
Your purpose got a purpose, you been on the search
You've been hurt by people that's been hurt but who could do worse
One person-black man, first earth birth
Evil lurking in the curtain, squirting at your work shirt
It's know if you [?] undergo the turf
You a cowardly dog I wouldn't encourage it
Certainly pertinent information observing the surface got me berserk
That n***a caught the dirty .30 and he poppin' that perc
But breaky, lunch, dinner, dessert
But smirch the good name of the family mom was always at work
He went to rob another robber that got found in the dirt
He got it poppin', shot a cop, the partner thought he was Turk
Google search a n***a's service was [?]
Upper class, middle class, attracted to the bad sh*t
Runnin' rampant, do you blame it on some rap sh*t?
It's lies in the library, no cappin' in the captions
Fasten your seat belt, fascism is just a fascinate that's formidable for you to walk the hell until your feet melt
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