Real Nice Guy lyrics

Naomi Scott

Hey pretty girl can I buy you a drink?
Oh come on, just a little one?

Why don’t you give me a chance?
I’m a real nice guy!
Hey I’m talking to you!
Where d’you get off being such a goddamn b*t*h?

Are you serious right now dude?
Let me break this down for you
In a language you’ll understand
Cos not everything’s about you man

I don’t want anything from you
I don’t need anything from you
I’m just trying to get a drink without a side of harassment
I know you think you’re cute but you’re behaving like trash dude

So take your low class line
Take your no class shirt
Go find another bar
Before I show you how much of a b*t*h I really am

And you don’t wanna see that man

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