White Bread President lyrics

Naomi Scott

You like to talk, but not to listen
You love the lord but lack compassion
For anyone that don't conform
Your narrow view of the human form

And now you know that you were right
And now they'll see you won the fight, this time

And now you've got yourself a white bread president
He's gonna make things great
Take us back to a time of morality
Before it's got too late
It isn't what he says, it's what you know he means
From the way he tweets
It's more a feeling than a store-bought morality
That brings you to his feet

And now you see the mask is slipping
He's not the man you hoped he could be
The factories are still not humming
Your daddy's sick and no onе's coming

And now you think, 'maybe they're right'
But it's much too latе to switch up sides, 'cos you know

Now we've got ourselves a white bread president
And nothing's great
He's full of sodium and sky-high cholesterol
And chocolate cake
And maybe you're wrong huh?, well it's much too late
Your vote of spite, our twisted fate

f**k your white bread president

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