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All to the time through the story My name is Gregorian
Was born in may five in 99
Let me tell you the story
About my cruel life

When i was a kid i though life is like a garden
The garden with feelings of happiness deep inside
And when I grew up
All the sh*t that I dream of fade away and becoming a f*cking darkness

I though all the love they give to me was real
But as long as time gone I notice that dat sh*t isn't real
Make me another f*cking sadboi mama
Why you just can't realize that I'm a f*cking human being to mama
Once daddy come home after money glitch he's eyes becoming fade away and see nothing but sadness
I'm about to dig inside and cure the f*cking toxic in our families souls

Although it was happiness
But is just another f*cking jokes

Make me sad
And make me thinks
That this world is cruel for anyone like us


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