"Pay The Rent"

To find the room where mama was hung, her pajamas undone on the working stool

f**k chicks is a rule if my girl think im loyal then that b*t*h is a fool

If you ain't got persistence say hell no

I f**k ya girl out of her pajamas even tho

So here is what i'm trying to say, i'm preaching ghetto gospels even though I was lyin'


Quit actin like a baby you wear little footie pajamas and if you cruel enough for this sh*t you're a f**king bahamas y'all should be hanging your self in a f**king monas and I persist this even though I was try to slay y'all coming here and just trying to play and y'all can't even afford to all this sh*t all this things that persist in some language, and I dropped out from collage just to slaying all those b*t*hes

We must, be the flyest of southerner men

Dont wear designer brands cause i can't afford em

Poor, working-class enclaves who can't afford health care

To get it in, any minute, i'll be hit with a stare

Manahattan and 40/40, no 40’s but rose poured

I'm a get a vm, one that i can afford

And gary coleman just passed and life is to short


Hospital time and bills that they just can't afford this

But my momma could'nt even afford beans

We all dream one day we be kings and queens

Can't afford to get a caught with ounces

I'm in new york now, like akeem and semmi was

With legs open further and ditch if you can afford it's

Cause so far i done witnessed to many dead dead man in caskets

My goal is going gold with out selling my soul

I'm bein' broke as f**k, and can't afford a noodles bowls

Better keep on one leash don't make your only

We chillin out when a boy can't afford to be

Mom loved me before.. then left me to hustle alone as she couldn't afford/

Yeah, um, as you can probably tell from listening to this record

Poor, working-class enclaves who can't afford health care

Those flashing lights come from everywhere

And of course, my car's off course

And Can even afford retro fours

Will i lose my soul tonight? that i can't afford

Wolf gang make a white pregnant b*t*h wan' abort

My parents can't afford health, but can we make too the medical chains

And he's the only person in this particular grade


Riding with the chopper, like it's my friend

Scrubbing toilets and cover to afford the rent

But my momma could'nt even afford beans

We gotta find peace and end the war in the streets

I put that poems to all this solid all these sh*t to all these songs

Can even afford retro fours

Just know that i'm always

n***as can't afford these


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