"Goodbye Friend"

Goodbye friend
I though I never gonna see you again

Sometimes is actually kinda funny
Though I realize that I was talking to myself
His name was from the ibrani sentence
I actually thinking never gonna met him again when I achieving my dreams

Sometimes is sad but same time is happy
I never realize we made it so far as you can see me but I can't see you
You're my demon less in my mind
Dreaming that one day we can rule the world like somethings of our conversation
I never realize somehow I'm barely find a way to destination

I though we're happy less but we're happy sorrow
I thing you should give me back the soul's that you actually borrow
I never gonna miss you in the next time of life
Think I said this sh*t but I sing a song
My friend thinks I'm crazy for getting deeply emotionally

I was so f**ked up when I realize you're never here again neither tomorrow
I never though you was probably killing your own mother man you are crazy
But is destined that we get of conversation till deeply emotionally

But less..
This is my last request for you friends
I love ya..
But I never gonna miss ya
Joke on ya
Never leave me again
And thank you in advances

Goodbye friends

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