Trey Songz


[Chorus: Trey Songz]
Hold up now listen
Hold up (oh) I want you to know how I'm feelin
(I want you)
We had a good thing going why you had to catch feelings?
And this the sh*t that I don’t know how to deal with
(I don't know how)
Now hold up shawty, why you trippin? I'm just keepin it a thousand

[Post-Chorus: T.I.]
And you know what it was from the get go, you know what it was from the get go
Look how it was when we met, look how it was when we met
Man I wasn’'t trynna kick it like that now
I told you that all fast now
No, you don't wanna hear none of that but I say with all due respect

[Verse 1: T.I.]
Ay let me kick something official to you
If you would take the time to listen to it
Look, all I owe you was honesty
And how said you weren't gon' act like this, you promised me
Did you forget our conversation where I told you you should manage your expectations? Be patient with me
Shawty I can't be your man but I can be a good damn friend
You know, hit me when you wanna hang out
Yeah you could pull up with your girl while the gang there
If it get late, you could stay here
But take your clothes wit' you, you don't stay here
I like you, I don’t wanna bring you no pain so maybe you should just be doin’ your thing (maybe)
And you say things change, well... one day it may
But not now, not me, What can I say?
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