Trey Songz

"Chi Chi*"

Got, got it on smash
Got, got it on smash

[Chorus: Chris Brown]
Pull up in that Bentley GT
Skrrt, skrrt, beep, beep (ooh)
Girl meet me in my bed
I'ma go down eat, eat
Ride them chi chis
So I’ma skeet, skeet, oh yeah baby
Got me on repeat, b*t*h wanna freak me
Girl, I know you ain't from 'round here
Shut up, shut up, make you c*m easy
What up, what up, pu**y come easy

[Verse 1: Lil Mosey]
Baby, on my d**k, when she see a n***a pull up
Ice on my neck, diamonds looking like throw up
Yeah, pour up the lean, make a n***a start to slow up
f**k, got suck then I show her where the door at
She want some more, who she working with
Came around the gang and she twerking, sh*t
And you know that she be wilding when she shake that sh*t
I done be moving fast like I’m whipping that sh*t
Like lately, we be going crazy
f**k the whole team, now she want to have my babies
Trying to hold the phone, now a n***a feeling lazy
And I don't give a f**k, screaming f**k you pay me
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