Trey Songz

"I Need Your Love"

[Intro: Ace Hood]
Ace, we killin' 'em baby

[Hook: Trey Songz + (Ace Hood), Both]
I need your love, need your love
(Seen her at the mall chillin' wit her ladies, so fine, she mine hey baby)
Ohh, I need your love, need your love
(Just right, my type, what I like and that dress fittin' nice can we kick it tonight?)
Tryna get right for the end of the night, shots to the head just to clear my mind
Baby I'mma Sag tell me what's your sign? From the bottom to the top girl you just my kind
I need your love, need your love
(Got my mind so gone bae so what, sho' nuff, wait baby hold up)

[Ace Hood]
Her love shawty know I really need that, can't live without it I need rehab
From the pretty lipstick thinkin' how the waist sit so thick man that ass need a decal
Mayweather wit the stick get the beatdown, throw it back I'mma snatch it like a rebound
Buss that yeah shawty like a Greyhound; what up doe? Lil mama from the D-Town
Girl I need your love it's like fresh air, kick it with a +Young Prince+ like Belair
Just as long as you never do it farewell, they stare but they never get to touch there
See you bad as hell and they know it, fresh up outta the shower with that lotion
Bend it over you might cause a commotion, reminiscin' how im swimmin' in ya ocean
Gone head lil mama, cause the swag up on her with the fly red bottoms
Me & You make sense, get the other boys p*ssed cause they already got her
Cause I need that love, swear its somethin' like a drug
Come f**k wit a thug, from the bed to the tub
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