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"Money Talk"

[Intro: Ralo]
Woo, Famgoon
You know I got BC in this motherf*cker with me n*gga

[Verse 1: Money Man]
You ain't gon' shoot sh*t
Then what the f*ck you ridin' in the trunk for?
n*ggas like you, I'm dolo
Spent the back end at the gun store
I don't cop or savin' 12 n*gga
I'm just playin' with the bales n*gga
I'm just playin' with the scales n*gga
Lil mama want a n*gga dive in it
I crack the seal and pour a line it
She mad I can't spend time with her
He a f*ck n*gga, I can't vibe with him
Had a couple partners switch sides on me
Start shakin' that ass, she gon' ride on me
Who I spin the block and go slide homie
Shawty bad, she the f*ckin' keeper
I got stripes like a f*ckin' zebra
Sold twenty P's on Glenwood
In the parking lot of the Libra

[Verse 2: Ralo]
Yeah, I am so hot I might catch a fever
Me and my n*ggas don't f*ck with people
Ridin' 'round in that Regal
Sellin' dope like it's legal
Even deaf n*ggas hear me out
I got n*ggas I'll kill about
I might just play like I'm broke
Just to see how many n*ggas I really got
They cannot make me believe
That none of these n*ggas out here is not make believe
How could you say you love me?
And all of this time you been hatin' me
How could you tell me
You can't believe that I am the n*gga I am today?
I did everything the family's sake
All them other n*ggas ran away
Tell 'em slow down, tell 'em slow down
Think I'm movin' too fast
Ride the coupe with no gas
Just to see who gon' last
I ain't book smart, I just look smart
But I cook smart, with a good fork
This what the sh*t took boy
These n*ggas soft, they just look hard

[Verse 3: Money Man]
Yeah, I'm in the streets f*ckin' with the ahks
I'm in the streets f*ckin' with the blocks
I'm in the mountain cuttin' down the crops
These n*ggas pus*y, I can smell the fear
They said it's loud but I can barely hear
She just gon' do what that other n*gga tell her
She know I'm not an ordinary fellow

[Verse 4: Ralo]
Yeah, she know a n*gga not even ordinary
Everything I do extraordinary
My tape pushed back to February
It gon' drop on my birthday
Just because that's my first day
f*ck these n*ggas in the worst way
He was hatin' in the first place
I need a second to breathe
I know I'm blessed, f*ck a sneeze
My pockets suckin' up my knees
Could somebody help me please?
Too much money in these jeans
I'm fly as f*ck with no wings
I'm eatin', f*ck the protiens
I'm the plug on the weed
I'm the plug on the keys
Ralo got what you need
Ralo got what you want
I put all my n*ggas on
We don't talk on the phone
You know the feds do you wrong
You know I'm plugged with the cartel
They just love the way the bar sell
Tell Kutt Throat to drop the tape
We gon' sell it like the bar sell

[Outro: Ralo]
Ayy Kutt Throat, ayy Kutt Throat n*gga
Drop that motherf*ckin' Plugged In with The Cartel
We need that now, we need that motherf*cker now
Right now
We ain't waitin' 'til motherf*ckin' December n*gga, I ain't waitin'
We droppin' this b*tch november boy
Right now n*gga, I don't give a f*ck what nan' n*gga say n*gga
f*ck 'em, Ralo, Ralo, Famgoon, yeah
Money Man, we don't need no motherf*ckin' hook
Money talk n*gga
Bullsh*t walk a thousand miles f*ck n*gga
You know it

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