Would you do it right now?
Would you do it right now?
Would you do it?

Had to double my Dior for the shoe
That girl lookin at me, yeah she kinda cute
I just did a stepback but I ain't shoot
I'm on a diet so I'm only eating Putz
But I don't even eat putz
I'm a classy man you know I don't loot
And I'll still shake your hand if I lose
I might even pull up to shows in my suit
How I dance when I woo
I'm with Spitter and he's Unc-Seshing you
Hold up now he's f**kin Unc-Seshing me
Your girlfriend trippin' out she tryna undress my jeans
You're always in a rush like you're adrenaline
Hella misdemeanors I got 1 felony
Wake up in the morning only got some Runtz in my head
Had to take a break so I come from the dead
Had to let her know I never came from her head
Now I'm sippin lean it's less painful than meds
Feel like KD, Golden State to the Nets
And like AD how he's sh*tting on his ex
The Lakers playing so we had to bring the brooms
Oh you got a UAV? I got a Nuke
Throw your pennies on the floor cuz youre a jew
f**k the whole party that you threw
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