Post Malone
I Had Some Help*
Lyrics from snippets (1 and 2)

[Verse: Morgan Wallen]
You thought I'd take the blame for us crawlin'
Go 'round like you ain't guilty or somethin'
Already lost the game that you've been runnin'
Well, it's catchin' up to you, huh
You think that you're so innocent
After all the shit you did
I ain't an angel, you ain't heaven sent
Can't wash your hands of this

[Pre-Chorus: Morgan Wallen & Post Malone]
It takes two to break a heart in two, oh-oh
Baby, you blame me and, baby, I blame you
Aw, if that ain't the truth

[Chorus: Post Malone]
I had some help
It ain't like I can make this kind of mess all by myself
Don't act like you ain't helped me pull that bottle off the shelf
Been deep in every weekend, if you couldn't tell
They say, "teamwork makes the dream work"
Hell, I had some help (Help!)