"Blue Widow"

[Verse 1]
I blow a blunt of blue widow listening to instrumentals
In a five star suite with paid-for incidentals
Hopping outta cars that you're convinced is rentals
I'm what's happening for a reason, there is no coincidentals
I'm honestly the best; anyone in your dynasty
Can test and get chewed like how piranhas eat the flesh

Pretend that, I ain't in fact coming off
Like a thin hat with strong wind at
, soon as I
Lay the pen flat, it's certi-fied murder; I decide
Further your fate with nickel plate side burners

Bang bang to all my foes, leave 'em froze off dros
My flows keep n***as on they toes like orangutans
And roadrunners, I erase 'em like old numbers
In the celly, I push Pirelli's on gold Hummers
Get bread and dip from the scene like it was cold hummus
The Devil tryna take our soul that we hold from us
It's a gamble but still I chose to roll the dice
Cause my cold world feels like hell frozen over twice
I came from the bottom just to spit it from the top of the
Fitted, sicker than the clinic with the pox and the
Mumps and the measles, throw pumps at the
Chumps and the weasels, blowing tree stumps of the diesel

[Verse 2]
Set the track into flame, back in the game, packing the same
Two guns that I stuck to with accurate aim
, and since I only
Got one shot to blow, I'm not missing
Next rhyme I jot'll be on the yacht with cod fishing

n***as is twat and they should squat p*ssing; two I spot
Dissing off to switch up the story like where the plots twisting

They know about how I light 'em up and blow 'em out
Like a blizzy in the Benzie,
getting Lewinsky
And Lohan like Lindsay, I cause a frenzy
As long as the world spins me around, you know I stay
Gunning for the throne, licking rounds at the crown
You dumbfound, all of these bums is thumbs down
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