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It's February, it's much different from the past year
That was the worst time, the opposite of cashmere
And you know when life kicks you all in your ass rear
When you down to your last blunt while you downing your last beer
Catching your close friends in every lie
Had you wiping your hands clean 'til they were sanitary dry
Then you noticed the snow was standing very high
Because yesterday it fell from the January sky
Now it's February and the world feels a lot colder
You and your girl parted ways so you cannot hold her
She said she wanted to get married back in October
Probably why in the month of May is when you got sober
But in February you felt the teardrops slide
Down your face when your faith began to lopside
This around the same time my n*gga pops died
Dress shoes, suit, the tie up at the top's tied
Look at all the drama it brung
This time of year when I was young, snowflakes was on my tongue
We played freeze tag or had a snowball fight
'til the curb on the streetlight would grow all bright
Couldn't ride our bicycles, slippery sidewalks
Icicles cold as a deli sandwich with the sliced pickles
That's when advice trickles down from generation
Like counting all your friends on one hand
Or if you don't stand for anything, you'll fall for everything
Because you wasn't smart, it plays a part in why your heart holds a heavy sting
Oh February, February
You took a friend from me who wasn't just some celeb you buried
He inspired us all musically
You came around and changed things, I want it how it used to be

Man, f*ck that n*gga Elzhi (think he gon' teach me something)
Talking about he was spitting and sh*t
That n*gga don't be spitting (that's all the f*cking, you two)
One more time (can't teach me sh*t) (I already knew I was spitting before I saw that sh*t)
Nah, I ain't saying it like that, that's [what] that n*gga be saying
One more time (You got a IG?) (How many followers you got?)
All them local n*ggas? (You got 20?)
Ehh, get something about it, for real! (You are underground)
n*gga and he didn't have me, he ain't sh*t
(He's underground, he's so underground, man)
I go!
(I don't have time for this sh*t)

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