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"Heart Condition"

You got me breaking down again
I can't believe this
It's like I was just going through this just yesterday
You know what I'm saying
I can't believe it
Look at you
You're so strong
I can't believe you're going through this

My grandmother had a small heart attack
Just came from the hospital
Now she's charging back
Had a couple cysts in her neck
Was supposed to quit smoking
But she can't resist to lift cigarettes
She told me
She went through a package a day
Back in the hay day (?)
Laughing at jay-jay
And what's happening
Hey hey hey
Just increasing the habit
Through the years
Boo-hoos and tears if she (?) from the planet
Stuck in her ways
You can't teach the older folks
You the younging they raised
And show the ropes, hate that
She looks comatosed
I hold her close
So I slowly spoke
Can you hear me momma
Everyone's around
We're so blessed watching your chest go up and down
Now listen
You're too strong for this condition
You're positioned with tubes through your arms
Plus a wristband
Come on, you're so (?)
Awake from your sleep
I'm tired of hearing these machines go beep on beat
Breathe momma, breathe forever
Last night I had a dream that you was breathing better
You held the family together
We miss you in a lot of ways
No motherly advice
And visits on the holidays
Christmas is over
Swiss (?) and okra (?)
But if you do drift
Get closer
Find your baby girl
And tell her I love her and
My pops is all good
He broke his arm but he's gone be straight
See he carries my uncle's gene tray
That's why his bones easily break
My sister found Jesus
The other one Jehova
The one below found a man that can (?)
Her children
That's little Kevin and Kayla
I yell come back down to this hell
Heaven's for later
Open your eyes slowly, ay-ay
It's your grandson talking
You know

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