(From Berlin to Clarkston)
(Turn it up... Yeah)
(Talk to em...)

[Phat Kat]

It's Ronnie Euro 'bout to break the bank b*t*h
Berlin with Suff Daddy
Buildin' rollin' that dank b*t*h
Working on my third passport
Please stand up, collect the Gs
I put rhymes to ???
Phat Kat, forever ready
My aim's immaculate, holding the flame steady
Please don't let me get to bustin'
Kalashnikov, you know, AK rushin'
Built heavy duty, you n***as ain't sayin' nothing
Grown ass man, no time for bickerin' and fussin'
Heard you got locked, got singer like Justin
Post my bail, had my shooter flash with the musket


Yeah... you better
Kill them remarks friend and call me the marskman
What I write turn you white as frontside of a shark's fin
From Berlin to Clarkston, I'm on to put sparks in
The right pen and pages, light skin and a dark skin
Ignite and I'm on the rhyme beat
Stretch 'em so now they height's ten
When they was only 5 feet
What I recite's been
Hard to swallow like white gin
And kills your appetite, you don't rap as tight aite?
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