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"Look at My Friends"

[Verse 1]
On the same corner
Under the same street sign they was raised under
They fought so many fights for it
Going to court, selling that white horse
Porcelain snort, scorch a blunt on the porch
And take an alchy to the cranium
Steal out of liquor stores owned by legal aliens
Needles laying in the summer my friends
Looking like they lack the hunger, they thin
With beady eyes some i don't see alive
The other half's breathing with the weed in their lungs
Hate in their heart
It's just a game so they're playing their part
Get into arguments and bust strays in the park
Stay out 'til the day in the dark
Then vice-a versa
Gambling with dice for a better life they search for while others ended
And send their mother to that other clinic
Where people lose their mind, through illusion time
Yet some'll get their loot through crime
Very few pursue a fluent dime, the truest grind

I guess that's the way they are
Are, are, are
(look at my friends)

[verse 2]
Get their doors knocked down by the law
Hot wire cars, shot by afar
Getting handcuffed in front of their son
They hustle looking for a number to run
Some are poor, trying to floss and get their hundred in ones
But them brothers is young
And looking for the wrong guidance
Can't sleep hearing beep the long sirens
Cops chasing criminals over their walls climbing to get away
Getting out of jail in a day
Visiting funeral homes in their newest cologne
Hand-me-down suit on their bones to visit their boy
Hitting hoodrats without the rubber
Bad mouth their mother 'cause she kicked him out the house
They grab out the gutter
Warrants for their arrest, on the basketball court with a vest
Can't sell their product right 'cause they snort up the rest
Before they were sort of depressed, they homeless
Stop a child for a quarter or less or maybe more
Wrong order i guess, you get the picture
As if your mental picture's distorted and stressed
They chainsmoking, short on their breath

Guess that's the way the are

[verse 3]
Smile in your face and stab you in the back
At a rave in the bathroom, sampling the crack
Sported fades from a half moon, now it's brushed waves
Physically they grew but mentally they just stayed
Went from balling their fist to hauling the revolver to twist
Your wig back, you just no longer will exist
The wrist you click clack over fish and big mac
Orders in the drive thru
Had a daughter when in high school
We bought her nice boots with a Shearling for the winter
For that girl he give her the world, is twirling in the center
Saw him hurling from the liquor
Paranoid when he got blow we got owed, now we're barely boys
Moving in different directions, both sick of the stressing
I kick lyric profession, he quick to get you undressing with the wesson

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