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"The Great"

Yeah, I'm finally on my one-two, you fake artists is untrue
Now watch how the son do
Without me, who would you run to
To hold the best kept secret, like walking in a club sneaking a gun through
Welcome to the album and how come
The style from the child attack the crowd like a falcon
Well, the gift just in me, like a fifth of Henny
Cross the Pacific, lifted, spending different pennies
From foreign currency, and just then it occurred to me
That I'd turned a G, in every sense of what the word could be
See I came up, where n*ggas aim pumps
And you can frame stomped, if you a lame chomp
It's ashamed, that many didn't make if from the p*ssy mattress
And sh*tty blanket, when I left the city vacant
I, got the right to grip the balls in my nut sack
Front, back, no matter what track, I'm spitting cut crack

El is, invincible, a minstrel show is not sensible
When I insist to flow, in suspense and let a sentence go
This is mental heat, on a sheet written
From a seat, sitting, in a presidential suite
Off of gam weed, light it up to make my hand bleed
Poetry, that hopefully breathes what a fan needs
Now I'm considered this great, n*ggas'll hate
Cause I move to a bigger estate, crib with a gate
Stay dipped, with a pay day grip, hit a jay tip
And may flip, like a AK clip, in a getaway whip
Popping off, when you see me on the shelf
It's got you beating on yourself, like you trying to stop a cough
Till my, soul is with Christ, I control a device
With a scroll, precise as a ho, y'all rolling the dice (see)
Who's ever misled, should p*ss red
Sick a di*k and kiss head from the fist, y'all was just fed

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