The Ride lyrics


(Sy Smith)
You ain’t even gotta say nothin’
You ain’t gotta say a word
You just sit back and
Enjoy the ride

(Black Milk)
Take two into town, set a mood and go
Had ‘um in the 2-door set on cruise control
Live the night fast but the wheels moving slow
Tall Black times Zo! music move your soul
You know the city where they ride tinted, on the Lodge wit’ it
In a Dodge, East Side n***as hearing tires peel
Every five minutes
Careful where you choose to go
Still home, still a place that I choose to know, you know

Dream Cruise every summer on Woodward
On a Saturday, Sunday get a good word
Fridays pull up to your barber
This the Great Lakes where they’re floatin’ like a boat in the Harbor
Pass Santa Barbara to drive slow on Jefferson
Escape with a thick piece who hopped in and left her friend
To blow one under the prettiest stars
It’s not a road less traveled in the city of cars


(Sy Smith & Zo! *Talkbox*)
(Ohh, oh)
Ooh, do you wanna ride with me
(Ohh, oh)
You don’t have to say a word
(Ohh, oh)
(Ohh, oh)
Come ride with me

Come ride with me

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