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"Love It Here"

[Hook x2]
But I love it here
Just think if I wasn't here
My uncles and cousins here
My struggles and come-ups here
We sense the trouble near
You bubble, we double dare
The block is ours and we don't wanna share

[Verse 1]
Feel my pain like it was yours
Crack addicts busting right through my doors
Bleeding on my lawn, I'm destined to be great
I swear gypsy could read it on my palm tipsy
I'm calm and I blow up like Vietnam bomb history
I lost my moms but no drug abuses beyond 50
Sign of the times twist me til I'm found dizzy
My punished and my blood from all the pimps that birth me
Even when I was broke, I was wearing new kicks and jerseys
I live among the sick and scurvy
Til this day they can suck a di*k that's dirty
With symptoms of burning p*ss with pearly puss
My words are just emotional
Spoken from the bottom of the totem pole
I gotta get a grip, like a rope with an open hole that's chokeable
On a throat that hold a vocal tone
My n*ggas push coke but don't discuss it on the mobile phone
Just hold the chrome, they know it's on

[Hook x2]

Yeah. For real. Real talk right there

[Verse 2]
Drive-by's, windows bust out, bullets put in the lawn chairs
From a block over, soundin' like Lil Jon snares
Life's gotten colder I'm revealing the smurf
How's hustlin' not a job when you feel you at work
My momma told me to keep my brain in them books
I grew up learnin' only way you earnin' is becoming famous or crooks
And since schools never taught us to be entrepreneurs
And we don't have patience to make money off of computers
We live a fast life with officers and shooters
Get scars, strip bars with broads taped bras off of their hooters
Such an ugly game, why it look beautiful from afar
You in prison wishin' they were removing you from the bars

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