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Teenage Bottlerocket

"Anti-Social Media"

I'm scraping off my window and I’m acting like a di*k
The sh*thead on my feed is a total f*cking lunatic
I'm gonna throw up I'm gonna f*cking sh*t my pants
I feel bad for those kids that died when they snorted the lines of ants

1000 voices in my head are screaming because of what they read And I can’t figure out how to spend another night alone
I'm all alone

When I wake up I'm not staring at my phone
It bums me out that we're living in a virtual combat zone
You don't know me, but in your head you think you do
If I met you face to face I'm sure you'd drop your f*cking attitude

1000 voices in my mind are fighting all the f*cking time
And I can't figure out how to spend another night alone
I’m all alone
I’m not alone

You just copy and paste a story
Sit back and take the glory
You pretend to be an activist
And come across as a straight up fascist
I refuse to look at a screen today
I'll try my best to try and stay away
Not looking at the sh*t that you do
I wish you knew how much I hate you
I’d rather go outside doing nothing
Instead of faking on my phone I'm something

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