{Verse 1: Noveliss}
If you doubted me
Never tell me you proud of me
Cause' I just quit my job
Before I turn 30
Whatever hurts me
Manifesting itself
Into another verse of me spilling
My well being and you can't see it
You still asking for a feature
While I'm painting the Mona Lisa
Reality in the flesh
They relate to you being trapped in the mesh
But is walking away from a check
Walking over the edge?
Wear your feelings when you get dressed
But smile for the internet
They'll never feel the finesse
Or detect the stress
You living with
I hate writing in my phone
The government probably listening
And 45 will listen too
Grabbing women by the 'cooch'
Confederate flag wavers burning they tennis shoes
I put myself on a path and still dont know which way to move
Everything to gain
But everything to lose
The cost
So I march to the beat of my own drum
Somebody help me find my drumsticks
I'm feeling lost
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