{Verse 1: Noveliss}
Any Leviathan
Get slayed to the sound that I'm designing in
Your silence
Can be as vibrant as violence is
Aligning with all timing
The Iron Fist
By design he just
Not blinded
See's the world through a calendar
Like the Mayans did
The legend born in the year of the Dragon
But in the Lions Den
Introverted Vibrant
And Shining despite the times we in
My only validation of college is
Being less than a writer is not an option
Regardless where my mind is
Still lead the paradigm shift
Flip the synopsis
A world traveler
Far from passport amateur
Was clocking in
Late off the plane
Caught by my manager
Duffel bags under my eyes
No trip
But damage done
Behold the swordsmanship
Of the valedictorian
Appreciate the mind
Dropping bombs at the colloquium
My silhouette rise from the smoke in front of the podium
Dropping knowledge
But only to vanish before they notice him
The message leans
On every set of ears in the mezzanine
But any level of patience
Getting swallowed by the feeling of being...stationed
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