"5am in Shibuya (Live Version)"

{Verse 1: Noveliss}
Moments of clarity with nothing but foreign air to breath
Empty subway carts and I don't know where to get off
And the feeling of being lost is too familiar
Going along for the ride and not knowing where I'm headed is embedded in every letter l've shredded my minds a weapon
Ain't that peculiar?
My Mic check's the breath of a shooter
But I don't support guns
So me being conflicted could ruin ya'
America, the wild wild west
Where you can be a teen
Buy an AR-15 with a vest
And they won't ask what you plan to do next
I go to war for a life without stress
And for the things I believe in like a Patriot
But my only allengence is to my family
And I'll never have faith as long ya'll making America great again
I don't know if my head will ever be straight again
I lost my Grandma and my best friend
And missed the biggest funeral in my fam
To rock a show in Japan
(And it damaged me as a man right)

It's 5 AM in Shibuya
It's 5 AM in Shibuya
Uh, it's 5 AM in Shibuya
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