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NB Ridaz

"Major Ways"

Verse 1
Take it like its force fed I'm the one who put the second
as*h**e in your forehead running through your body like
Made for track meets handing out your wack beats to these
Streets now these is where im taking it cuzz these is
Where I
Came from I got my name from I'm trying to make my city
Famous ( G city) now can you blame us I get down with the
Best of
Them I pull my d**k out and p*ss on the rest of them I've
Things that you never ever seen cuzz most of you cats are
And fact your wack and can't rap and now you wanna do
Things that Ive done
Never I've just begun

Verse 2
Who bring the heat to your street is that klick whose
I'm here for hate extermination nastyboy world domination
No hesitation to rock this whole f**ken nation to the tick
I won't stop till I drop these weak MC's who think their
Your not you ain't making major moves and got what I got
Lets get thru the question of whats real hip hop cuzz I
Live it
I eat it I dress it what
Nbridaz same klick new title back up in the street
To get my peeps all excited cuzz everybody claiming they
Gonna put it on the map but I 've heard your sh*t and that
Still sound wack

Verse 3

I never really been the type to talk awhole
Lotta sh*t - but these sorry muthafucas just don't
I know when da quit
Its like the more I give-the more they take, like
Them brand new homes where everything is fake
Step the f**k back, who put AZ on the map?
Hit the charts every time and where the fuk u at
Damn! I can't stand the way fools keep talkin- use
All kinda medafors and still sayin nuthin

9 rappers outta 10- livin at yo mamas crib
Got the nerve and wanna talk somesh*t
Wanna beez- do ya homework and get some
Paper! Don't hold your breath waitin on the major lable


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