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NB Ridaz


You know that I've been wishing for you
Some day i know you're coming back, (I know your coming back girl) baby
(Someday) tell me why you went away (why you went away)
And left me lonely (left me lonely)

I'm wishing on a star, (I'm wishing on a star)
To follow where you are, (to follow where you are)
I'm wishing on a dream (I'm wishing on a dream)
To follow all my dreams (to follow all these dreams)

If I could take every second, every moment that we spent
Erase it from my life and start over again
I wouldn't do it I couldn't even try
Cuz even if the pain and the tears never dry
At least I know I had my days with you
Remembering when it was just me and you
I closed my eyes and wished it was a dream
That I could wake up and you would be next to me
Did you love me did you lie to me
Why'd you make a promise that you knew you couldn't keep?
You got me twisted and I'm losing my grip
If I never met you girl love wouldn't mean shhhh
So I ain't never giving up on you
I built my whole world and it was all around you
I made a promise and I'm keeping it true
So I'll never love again if I can't have you
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