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NB Ridaz

"Until I Die"

Yeah, this one's for you pretty mama
This one's for you girl that's right yeah c'mon


[NB Ridaz]
Until I die, until I'm gone, until I can't see light no more
I'll be your queen, your everything, cuz you've been so good to me
Until I die, until I'm gone, until my last words have been told
Until I die, until I pass, cuz our love was meant to last

Yeah yeah check it
I remember when I met you couldn't get you off my mind even when I close my eyes
All I could think was you gotta be mine
There's no replacement for your smile and pretty eyes
The way you never cursed at me, even when I made you cry
We've come a long way, since that very first day
Skipping class to be together in the hallway
You made me feel like I got reason to live
My pride, possession, my medallion, my best friend
Through the drama, pain, funerals and family fights
Not for one second, did you ever leave my side
That's why I love you girl, Te quiero de verdad
And if I lose you girl, hasta la muerte voy a llorar
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