NB Ridaz
Pretty Girl (Something) (Remix) (Alternate Version)
[MC Magic]
Magic (NB Ridaz)
Hookin' up with Dyablo
For that mamacita
What's going on, pretty girl (To all those pretty girls, pretty girls)
Hey (This one's for you)
I wanna talk to you, girl, come here (This one's for you)
Let me tell you somethin' (This one's for you)
Check this out

Chorus: MC Magic
Something about you, baby (Something about, you)
Drives, me, crazy
Something about this pretty girl
Blows, my, mind (Blows my mind)
Something about you, baby (eres todo)
Drives, me, crazy
Something about this pretty girl
Blows, my, mind

[Verse 1: MC Magic]
Si tu supieras lo que siento
Cada vez
Que me pongo a pensar en todos los momentos
All the good times we've had, me and you, you and I
Hot summer nights, making love in July
The only girl that didn't give it on the first night
Una mujer incomparable, I'm a love her life
Me captivaste with your ways and all the things you do
My pretty girl
I gotta make it work with you
Tell the world, tell your girls, and your family
Con este amigo, te prometo, you're my everything
Cause nobody's ever made me feel the way you do
I just dropped you off
Already miss you
Chica bonita, sonrisa, sincera
I wanna be with you hasta que me muerda (That's right)
Let's make a pact
And always be together
With you by my side, girl, I'm down for whatever

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 2: Dyablo]
Solo una
Es en la vida, el amor, te toca el alma
Un sentimentio limpo, que hasta el dolor, te calma
Siempre estuvistes conmigo, en la buenas
Y las malas conmigo
Solo Dios y tu son mi testigo
Inorvidables momentos, que juntos pasamos
Y los problemas mas fuertes, juntos areglamos
Incomparable mujer
A ti yo pertenecer
Contigo, yo fallecer
Juntos como un solo ser
Una preciosa mujer, que siempre esta a mi lado
Que en el dolor y las tristesas, me has acompanado
Quieres mi vida, te le entrego, si es lo necesario
Pues, en mi mente y corazon, te tengo, yo del diario
Te has incrustado tu en mi corazon (Mi corazon)
Como un implante, eres mi salvacion (Mi salvacion)
Eres mi todo, mi razon de ser
De la creacion, la perfeccion, una bella mujer
Repeat Chorus

[Verse 3: Lil Rob]
I know I was the kind of man you wanted, when I met ya
You asked me to sign your tetas and feel your piernas, showed me your lengua
Estas, why not, don't let nobody tell you different
You're into it, don't like to waste time, love to get intimate
Predicaments, I've got myself into a few of them
Stick and splits, that's what I do with 'em, and then I was through with them
You think I want that type of girl
Walking by my side
One last wish, it was parle'in' at homeboy's ride with Homeboy
Getting high
I don't think so
I need a good woman who can cook
And a girl so fine, even other girls take second looks
And a girl who makes me miss her
I just can't wait to kiss her
When I get home, she whispers, in my ear the things I wanna hear
Likes to have a good time and
Try new things
That keep a smile on her face, no matter what life brings
I'll make her happy
She'll make me happy
If she can
You think you can, then baby doll, I, wanna be your man
Repeat Chorus