Red Boy Dead Boy* lyrics

J Hus

(Just previewed, full track not released)

Hey, hey

Red boy, dead boy
Cookies in his neck and his head, boy
Use your best mash, not a dead toy
Your coffin is your bed, boy
Forever catching Z's, boy
Fire boy, hell boy
Killjoy, kill the boy
Wake up
Rub my forehead with the juju oil
Put him in the ground
In the mud, in the f**king soil
I was sent here hunting for blood
I come to destroy
Who gon' take his soul?
Me and my bredrin have to flip a coin
Firearm discharge
My n***a I know so many crafts
I gotta figure out which craft
If therе's a hundred opps, then we must at lеast lick half
I rate donny, I don't hate donny
But I don't lick arse

The whole world is mental
Them n***as must be bun, it's essential
That n***a can't breath
I got teeth, it's not dental
Creep through the night like a thief, step gentle
Rastafari, it was dreadful
If they're asking for war
Then we must give them my headful
He was with a jawn, had to f**k up his rental
Before I burst my first wap, they knew I had potential
I can't have a wife because my life is too eventful

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