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Beastie Boys

"Jimmy James (Original Version)"

[MCA] People how you doin', there's a new day dawnin'
[MD] For the earth mother, it's a brand new mornin'
[AD] For such a long while, there's been such a longin'
[All] But now the sun is shinin', let's roll back the awnin'

[MCA] This is a type of kinda like a formal dedication
[MD] Givin' out a shout
[AD] for much inspiration
[MD] All I ever really want to do is get nice
Get loose and goof a little slice of life
[MCA] Sendin' out love to all corners of the land
[AD] I jump up on the stage and take the mic in my hand
[MD] I'm not playin' the role
[AD] Just being who I am
[MCA] And if you try to dis me, I couldn't give a damn

Cause I'm rockin'
Rock-rock, rockin'
Yeah, get down
Rock-rock, rock on
Rock-rock, rock on
Mic-mic, mic control
Mic-mic, mic control
Mic-mic-mic, mic control
Can you get my drift?

[MCA] Bass from the back of my car feels soothin'
[AD] Eight bazookas is what I'm usin'
[MD] I'm Mike D, and it's been proven
[All] I love it when I see the party people just movin'
[MCA] Strapped on my ear goggles and what did I see?
[All] But the music brought the people into harmony

Ahh, for the blacks, Puerto Ricans, and the white people too

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