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Beastie Boys

"Party’s Getting Rough"

Got the groove, got the groove
Everybody say oh-waa, oh-waa
Say oh-waa, oh-waa
Say ta-daa, ta-daa
Say ta-daa, ta-daa
Ahh, yeah, ahh, yeah
Oh-waa, ta-da, oh-waa, ta-daa
Ta-daa, ahh, yeah, yo, ta-daa, ahh, yeah
Say oh-waa, ta-daa, oh-waa, ta-daa
Ta-daaa, ahh, yeah, ta-daaa, ahh, yeah
Say oh-waa, ta-ta, ahh, yeah, oh-waa, ta-ta, ahh, yeah
Say oh-waa, ta-ta, ahh, yeah, oh-waa, ta-ta, ahh, yeah
Say oh-waa, ta-ta, ahh, yeah, oh-waa, ta-ta, ahh, yeah
Ahh, oh, ahh...
Kick off the the spit, again and again
Hey has got the groove
Mr. Rich has got the groove
Abs One has got the groove
Classtina has got the groove
Chuck D has got the groove
Cey City has got the groove
Atook Adecima has got the groove
Sthamolt has got the groove
I said Troy has got the groove
Shock One has got the groove, that's right
Ted Knight (?) has got the groove
Special K has got the groove
Our pal (?) has got the groove
Beastie Boys has got the groove
DMC has got the groove
Chuck Chillout has got the groove
We ALL have got the groove
We all have got the groove

[Mike D]
Yo, man, Mark K, what's up with that?
Everything's rollin' along, and everything and now
Ahh, man
It all drops out
Dag, you tryin'
You tryin' to RUIN this record, man
We payin' you them long dollars and you know that
And now what do you do?
You wanna make this sound nice?
You're just fessin', man
I don't even wanna hear about it
You're just fessin'

[Mark K]
That's it, that it
I give up, I can't make a record with you guys
You guys are a bunch of funky-monkey idiots
Man, I'm outta here. BYE

Fine man, just get outta here, man
You don't know how to produce a record, no how
Just take a walk, man

[Mike D]
Man, we don't even need you here in the studio
We can do it better ourselves
And Burzootie, you're not even helpin', anyway
So you get out

Word, man

That's right, man, you guys didn't even, ahh
Look at this, man, they didn't even turn on the boombox

Ahh man, word, man

Oh, wait, hold up, man

Where's the funky BASS at?
Ahh, the bass, man
The funky bass

Yo, I hook it up, I hook it up

Yeah, word, Rick
Ahh, yeah, yeah, man
Ahh, the bass is tight
The bass is fresh

That's not too wild for me

No, man

But, yo, when that bass start breakin', man
That'll be smokin', man
That's crazy fresh

Word, man, word, word
Oh, dag, that is, that's, that's

Beastie, Beastie
Say Beastie, Beastie
Say Beastie Boys, Beastie Boys
The Beastie Boys, the Beastie Boys
Say Beastie, Beastie
The Beastie Boys, the Beastie Boys
Say Beastie groove, Beastie groove
The Beastie groove, the Beastie groove
The Bea-Stie...GROOVE

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