Lil Rob

"If Only"

"If Only"

"I want you to know that
I can't let you go" - [Linda Jones]

[Lil Rob {Moox}]
Damn, baby
If only we had met just a little bit sooner
Then you wouldn't have to deal with that guy
You know what I mean {"I know" - [Linda Jones]}

[Verse 1]
Hey, I don't know him
I don't like him, been hurting you for quite some time
How could you be a sad girl when you're so fine
Get that fool off your mind (Get that fool off your mind)
I know, that I can do you better than he can (Better than he can)
I may not wear no diamond rings
And I might not sport a bunch of fancy things
But there's one thing that I know
That I can do you better than he can
Now I don't mean to interfere
If you wanted to, I'll respеct you and stay clear
It's just I know
That I can do you better than hе can
So if you got nothin' to do
You wanna try someone new, let me be the one you look to
Because I know
That me and you can ourselves a lot of fun this weekend
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