Lil Rob

"Don’t Make Wait"

[Lil Rob]
Hey man, it's been a long time...
You know what, man...
Think I'm worth the wait, hun...

[Chorus: Nasty (Lil Rob in background)]
"Don't make me wait" (Don't make me wait)
"Whoa, whoa" (Don't make you wait)
"Don't make me wait" (Don't make me wait)
"Whoa, whoa" (Don't make you wait)
"Don't make me wait" (Don't make me wait)
"Whoa, whoa" (I'll make you wait)
"Don't make me, don't make me" (Don't make me wait)
"Don't make me wait" - [Mary Wells]

[Verse 1]
Don't make me wait, that's what they say
Well, you don't have to wait no more
I'm bustin' through the f**kin' door
Like it's a f**kin' liquor store (Liquor store)
Chillin' in a '54
Two-door, hardcore
Mary Wells out the dashboard, while I'm
Spinnin' backwards
Timе warp, black and white
Who gots the light
To light up the night
Nah, nah-nah-nah-night, you do, you do, oh yеah, that's right
Right, let's get it right, let's get it straight
I'm worth the wait, there's no debate
Right from the gate, gate
I'm here to stay, stay
Won't make you wait, wait
Another day, day
Won't make you wait, no how, no way, no how, no way (Way)
The time has come, the time is now
So I'm gonna put it down the only way that I know how (Sho!)
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