Lil Rob

"Brown Pride"

[Verse 1: Cuete]
I see you mister Brown Pride, mister south side
Hitting the leño rolling in your lowride
You claim to be a sureño, down for the brown and sh*t
Don’t get mad raza I’m just telling you how it is
How it could be and how it should be
Like I said if every brown was down
Then on top we would be
Cause Cuete really isn’t rolling
At the swapmeets or where my CDs are sold
And yeska
So that’s why I’m running up on you
Cause you don’t support me
So now the guns on you
Doing what I gotta do
Anything to survive
You should’ve bought my CDs
Instead of passing them by
Cause I was trying to do right
For all my browns around
When it came down to it
Most of my browns weren’t down
So now I’m back, to the lifе of the streets
So give me what you got causе my kids gotta eat
Angel and bam bam
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