MC Magic
Ride it Out
[MC Magic (Chingo Bling)]
Roca Dolla
Magic City (Por favor, believe it)
M, C
Guerilla Black
Come on

Chorus: Big Gemini
All my players, thugs and my ballers
All my peeps in the clubs, spendin' dollars
Hey Mr. DJ, won't you play that song
So we can keep it crunked til the early morn', we sayin'
Ride it out, baby, ride out
Ride it out, baby, ride out

[Verse 1: MC Magic]
Abre a la puertas, muy abiertas, let the Southwest shine
Hungry like I'm homeless, and I can't stop my grind
A ten year struggle, but '06 is mine
Magic City's like my Chronic, see my blood shot eyes
I couldn't stop this
Even if I tried
When I'm at the car show, I got 'em sayin' "Brown Pride"
Like Roger Troutman, top box so fly
Drop the slow jams to make the young girls cry
Not just a verse, homey, this is my life
Ever since my first solo
Back in '95
My whole studio brought the hits every time
That's why I gotta claim, "NB Ridaz til I die"

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 2: Big Gemini]
When I step in the club, I'm headin' straight to the bar
Shinin' bright like a superstar
Shorties all around, yeah, it's goin' down
Take a look, now, what did I found
I'm sayin'
"Hey lil' mama, ven aqui, como te llamas"
Yeah, I like how you working that... (Yeah-i-yay-i-yay)
They call me Gemini, you lookin' hella fly
Just wanna see if we can chat
If only for a minute
I'm tryin' to get to know you better
I don't dance, but I might two-step with ya
And how about
After this
We jump in the six, and ride out, you know what it is
Repeat Chorus

[Verse 3: Chingo Bling]
It's Chingo Blingo, stackin' paper like, Kinkos
Catch me on MTV or Sabado Domingo
Que te resvale
You got tamaza, Chingo's got
The tamale
I got the jalapeno flow
Big Chile, H-Town
Your prima wants to join us, then baby, I'm down
She showed me her panties, and did a little something
You got the sexy sideburns like Ashanti
She does the dishes, that's real big breas-te-sts
Mmm, delicious, pastel y tres leche-ses
I want a girl like you
Not a susia
Like Chapulin o contado con estusia

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 4: Guerilla Black]
I'm with my dollars, stackin' eses/essays
Rollin' through, L.A
With NB
Ridaz, naw, we don't play
I'm rappin' 'round, up in that
Low-low, the color of
Coco, yet Guerilla
Rollin' up hydro
Ira, ira, mami hot as fajitas
Or, about
Two, good fish of taquita
I just came from the other side of the border
Tryin' to get my a** back up in California
In the dark, cut with them, the real good aroma
Yeah, up for some of that
Bomb (???)
I'm like the vatos, whenever my pockets'll suckle
You mess around, I'll leave your a** up in a bottle
Repeat Chorus

[Guerilla Black]
It's ya boy
Guerilla B-L-A-C-K
Magic City
Compton in the buildin'
Magic City
Uh, uh
Magic City
Comin' real soon (Magic City)
West coast