MC Magic
[MC Magic]
M-A-G-I, C
C-I, T-Y
Magic City Part 2
Roca Dolla beats
[Too $hort] Short, Short
Is she really my
[MC Magic] Come on, C. Note
Let 'em known

Chorus: C. Note (MC Magic)
She got that body of a
She got the minds of a
Queen that'll
Blow your mind
And everywhere that I go
Everybody wanna know
Is she really my girl (Is she really my girl)

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 1: MC Magic]
I got a girl that's so delicious
Eyes and the hips, and the way she twist it
In the club, she get buckwild
She the one with the freaky style
And you know that she love a spankin'
Bend over and grab ya ankles
Gotta give it to me like fire
All hot like an amplifier
Let the king of the 602
Show you little mama how the southwest do
From the clubs, two turntables
To the girls that'll dance on tables
Face down, thick side up
This is the way that she show me love
I'm addicted
I can't stop
Damn, girl
You so hot
Repeat Chorus Twice

[Verse 2: Too $hort]
Is she really my
Yeah, we be together
Anytime I call her, I can see her whenever
Nice a**
Beautiful breast
Get her in the bed, she do it the best
She don't strip or dance in clubs
But I ain't tryin' to see them pannies up
Pull 'em down
Take 'em off
Girl, you won't ever, make 'em soft
I'm hard as hell, it ain't hard to tell
Everytime I see her, I start to swell
Cop a feel, yep, the body's real
Make a old man wanna pop a pill
Young players, they bust 'em quick
You know you wanna f**k a b*t*h
Man, she's so f**king thick

Repeat Chorus Twice

[Verse 3: AZ Prince]
You about to get rob, mami, I'm it
Dirty girl, Bobbie Light, body tight like a st**ch
My fair lady down, down London Bridge
Do it in the club like she do it in the crib
Pop that back like a chiropractic
Handstand, poppin' mami, gymnastics
American dream, damn shorty, you the (Sshhh...)
How you fit in them jeans, mami, how you back it
She moves like a dancer, dance like she strip
Throwin' money in the air like she dancin' for tips
Natural (???), you don't need no practice
She the whole package, I'm just tryin' to sack it
Let the boy hit ya, oh, boy, love splits ya
You ain't got ask me if (Come on)
Everybody wanna know, if it's me that you with
"That just's my boy," I'm AZ Prince
Repeat Chorus

[MC Magic]
M-A-G-I, C
C-I, T-Y (Come on)
Magic City Part 2
Nastyboy Records
Dot com (Dot com...)
I see you, Roc'
A-Zilla (A-Zilla...)