MC Magic
My Angel
[Mr. Capone-E]
This is Mr. Capone-E
Talkin' 'bout my angel
With Magic from the NB Ridaz

(MC Magic in background)
[Singer] To me, you're like an angel
Someone that was sent to me (Sent to me)
From the heavens up high (Heaven)
To make everything all right (Heaven must have sent you)
And this is why I love you baby (You know I love you)
Oh, I love you (I love you)
[MC Magic] I love you
You are my angel

[Verse 1: Mr. Capone-E]
You're my angel, the righteous woman in this world
You're still by my self
You're my pretty girl (Yeah)
Callin' you on the phone is Mr. Capone
Baby girl, I'm for real, never leave you alone (No)
These fine words that you say
You got me amazed (Amazed)
To find a girl like you
Only God, I could pray (Yeah)
Is for all the right reasons you been sent to me (Sent to me)
I'm pa**ionate when I'm speakin', you're my special lady (Special)
Oh baby, baby
Words cannot describe
With ya brown sugar eyes, you got me hypnotized (Hypnotized)
So I dedicate this song
From me to you (From me to you)
I could be your one and only, you could be mine, too (Uh)

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 2: MC Magic]
You're my angel, my dream, my everything
Recuerdo, a quel dia que te conoci
We made a promise
That we would always stay true
And ever since that day
I been there for you
Gimme ya hand, mami
And I'm a love you right
And I won't stop
Til I see the mornin' light
I wanna kiss you in all the right places
Get you all excited and keep your heart racin'
Una bonita from around the way
That knows how to treat a man each and every day
Por eso mismo (That's right)
Te mando mi amor
Cause I'm a love you til the end and never let you go
Repeat Chorus

[Verse 3: Mr. Capone-E]
Back again, baby, baby, you're the one for me (Yeah)
You're bring light to my life, you're my cup of tea
Wake up in the mornin' just to give you a kiss
To make sure you're by my side with your beautiful lips
Sexy senorita (Sexy)
I trust in you
You're my spiritual waking when I'm misty blue (Uh)
Somebody told me this could last forever
I put my faith in the heavens that brought us together
Holdin' hands in the park (Park)
After dark
Gazin' at the stars, never see us apart
But for now (For now)
I'm a sing you this song
You're my angel sent so me, so I can't go wrong

Repeat Chorus

Bridge: MC Magic
My angel
Sexy little mama that's always
Been right there for me
You are my everything my pretty
Shooby-doo-wop, shoo-doo-wop, I wanna love you
You are my angel, baby, baby
[Mr. Capone-E]
You are my angel