MC Magic
Cruzin’ (Remix)
Chorus: MC Magic
This is why we're cruisin'
Rollin' in my '64 on a
Sunday night
You know we're cruisin'
Rollin' in my '64 on a
Sunday night

[Verse 1: MC Magic]
Well it's your boy Magic City, 'bout to ride again
Twist it up from A-Zilla where we ride in the wind
Droppin' somethin' for my chicas and Mexicans
Tres colores
It's the green, white and the red
I rock the stage with two flags
Cause I rep both sides
From the 602's to the 805's
My man Damizza
Butch Ca**idy and D-Love
Steady chasin' paper cause we can't get enough
I see you little mama from the corner of my eye
Sayin' to you girls, "Damn, he so fly"
Mamacita step up and we can do what we do
Candy paint top down, girl
That's how we cruise

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 2: Down]
Cruisin' down the street in my six-dos
On leaning like a cholo on the Channel 5 News
Went to the park to get the scoop
The homies out there, cold drinkin' some brew
A car pulls up, who can it be?
A fresh El Camino
It's Miz and B.C
Got the females on the scene
The cooler's full of drink
The grill is cracked and DJ's bangin' the beats
Kids spin around on the merry-go-round
Signin' autographs now, cause they all love Down
Cause this is what we do
On a Sunday afternoon
We shine up the ride, and we take it for a cruise
Repeat Chorus

[Verse 3: Butch Ca**idy]
I'm still cruisin' in my GTS
With three fine ladies that will get undressed
For me and D, and my homeboy Magic
My car (???), you know we gotta have it
I love cruisin' in the summertime
Drop top faded cause the world is mine
Feelin' on these ladies cause you know I wanna stab it
Can't help it, it's a habit, I'm just cruisin', livin' lavish

Hook: Butch Ca**idy
Just me and you
And later on, ain't no tellin' what we gon'

[Verse 4: Damizza]
I was sittin' in a park On A Sunday Afternoon
Rollin' up to clear out
Los bumpin' the oldie tunes
For a quick summer breeze
That's all the party needs, music, ladies and the weed
Them hot summer nights got my girl feelin' right
Bout to take her on home
So baby, say goodnight
Slap hands with the homies, and hop back in my right
Cause a cruise through the 805 is how we ended up our night
Repeat Chorus

[Down talking over Chorus]
I'm headin' back home on the 101
My cellphone's dead
The sun went down
Man, I'm tired
And right when I roll up to my crib
I open up my garage
And park my six-deuce back in
Kill all the lights
I'm a take a little nap
I can't wait til next summer, homeboy
It's gon' be on
It's gon' be on...
It's gon' be on...